The French Manicure Set

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Nail Varnish | Gold Divine

If you are wanting to do the perfect French manicure our kit will provide an elegant finish on the nails for a natural and clear appearance.

To Use

  1. File your nails to your required shape. ( Nail file not included).
  2. A basecoat is not required, however we do recommend buffing your nails with a light buffing block to remove any natural oils/ shine from your nails. ( Buffing block not included).
  3. Apply the Elegance nail polish at thin layer on all 10 nails. Then apply a second coat of the elegant rose.
  4. Then neatly apply the brilliant white on the tips for the perfect smile line.
  5. Then apply the top coat.


When applying polish – Always apply a coat of nail polish on the free edge of the nail in small vertical lines or horizontal movement following the curvature of the nail.
Always let the nail polish dry in between coats.


Elegant Rose

Brilliant White

Top Coat


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