Professional | Calming mask

Professional Calming mask


Aloe vera | Coco Butter | Kaolin

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera| coco butter | kaolin |Vitamin E.


Professional Calming mask

Healing | soothing| Cooling properties |Purifying and detoxifying |Improves elasticity | lightens blemishes | Fights signs of ageing.


Our Rejuvenating calming face mask is both easily applied and removed, with sentimental results. Combining aloe vera, cocoa butter and kaolin, helps to remove impurities, a re-moisturising, a protecting and calming and cleansing results. Your skin will look renewed and invigorated with a fresh clean and radiant glow.


Please note the ingredients have not been tested for pregnancy however following research they should be safe. 


Calming | Soothing | Rejuvenating

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