Coco Body Indulgence coffee scrub

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Coco Body Indulgence coffee scrub

To be used with Velisha London spa treatments.

How to use – Mix a few scoops of the coco body indulgence into a bowl, with 5ml of water stirring together and a drop of coconut oil.

Massage the scrub all over the body for a few minutes, focusing particularly on areas that want more attention (eg. Scars, cellulite, stretch marks, breakouts, dry areas) and mitt off with warm mitts.

Take your coffee addiction to new heights with Velisha London’s Body Treatments. Featuring only natural, vegan and good-for-you ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth to the touch and gradually reduces scars and stretchmarks. The formula contains Robusta coffee grinds, which also stimulate blood flow and encourage collagen production, and sea salt to combat flakiness and, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. SPA EXCLUSIVE to be used with Velisha London Spa Treatments.



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